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Sara Pulver

Sara Pulver is the owner & artist behind Dear Ollie. Dear Ollie is her little labor of love. Named after one of her dogs, this line of paper goods can be a little bit snarky, but underneath it all it’s very sweet—just like it’s namesake.

Everything is made by hand in her home studio in Michigan, where she takes whatever weird idea sounds funny right before she goes to bed and puts it on paper. Each card is printed in her home, so I can fully embrace her control-issues by overseeing the entire process—from creating, to printing, to packaging.

An avid pop-culture enthusiast, she often finds her illustrations inspired by TV shows, cult cinema, and other forms of media. She is a huge supporter of the United States Postal Service, and snail mail in general. There is something about receiving a hand-written note in the mail that just warms her heart.

Ultimately, her hope is that her illustrations will make you smile. If she can bring you even a small portion of the joy she feels when creating, she thinks that’s pretty rad.

All Dear Ollie cards are printed on heavy weight card stock made by French Paper Co. in Niles, Michigan. She am proud to say this line is 100% made in the mitten state!

See images of Sara's work here.