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Barb Whitney

Barb creates non-objective mixed media pieces fundamentally rooted in her interest in emotions, perceptions and the passage of time. Her paintings represent her sense of abstracted reality. Barb creates in series, creating several pieces concurrently. Barb often slices, suspends and re-purposes fibers, including portions of her own paintings. 

Barb’s training is academic; however, she creates work in a highly intuitive painting process. As a painter, she feels strongly tied to the visceral quality of working with oil on canvas. She finds inspiration in re-visiting fragments of time, in the play of light and shadow, in creating infinite color studies. Each piece she creates acts as a thematic means to an emotional end. 

Barb ultimately hopes to share engaging artwork, which creates an interaction with the viewer. Her goal is to offer both an opportunity for individual sentiment and an impetus for discussion and interaction.

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