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Kari Wilson

I paint in order to examine why certain iconographic objects such as the 60’s station wagon from my childhood memories or the queen anne’s lace that grows along midwest highways remain in my mental image bank as powerful and evocative. I prefer working in watercolor as the looseness of this medium allows for interesting accidents. The imaginative world of my paintings are a result of responding to the loose flow of color and shape. When unexpected results suggest unusual happenings in the landscape, I explore, taking it as far as I can. Thus cars sometimes levitate and cottages are subjected to tidal surges. These events often surprise and amuse me. I am interested in the juxtaposition of beautiful images with darker ideas. Lush colors and nostalgic objects are seductive yet a closer look may reveal that something else is going on. These are unfinished stories, an open invitation to the viewer, to question, respond and draw one's own conclusion.

You can see Kari's work HERE.