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Laura B. DeLind

Laura B. DeLind has been cutting and hand-printing linocuts for over 30 years. She loves linoleum as a medium because it is unpretentious, has no pre-existing texture, and lends itself to spontaneous, bold images.

Laura enjoys the challenge of black and white design and the interactions of positive and negative space. She is also fascinated by organic shapes and frequently finds inspiration in her own back yard. Birds provide her with a read-made “excuse” to play with pattern, but insects, clouds, feathers, teapots, pears, and parrots are also subject matter for her elegant, yet whimsical linocuts.


Laura’s prints have been exhibited nationally; they appear in permanent art collections, and have been commissioned for organizational logos and rubber stamps. The Unauthorized Audubon (MSU Press: 2014) pairs her linocuts with the poetry of Anita Skeen.  Lavender Hill Farm (Mead Hill Press: 2015) pairs her prints with the stories of Jennifer P. Otto.


Laura offers relief print-making workshops at Grove Gallery, MSU. Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp, and Ghost Ranch.  Her most recent work can be seen on her website – laurabdelind-linocuts.com.