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Artist Statement

When looking at the abstract works of Lisa Hermann, it is no surprise that she is an accomplished yoga instructor. Her paintings both calm the mind and energize the spirit while creating a landscape for contemplation. Her use of vibrant colors, boldly layered upon textural surfaces, affords the viewers freedom to explore a variety of perspectives in an organic way. The dimensional qualities Lisa develops utilizing contrasting hues and textures provides the viewer a uniquely personal aesthetic experience. In the words of Henry David Thoreau, “It is not what you look at the matters, it is what you see.”



Two years into the pre-med program at Hillsdale College, Lisa Hermann decided she needed to make a change. She had always loved art, and between the biology, chemistry and statistics classes, Lisa found time for photography, drawing, painting, ceramics and art history. Choosing to turn her life long passion into a career she changed her major to Art Education and decided to become a teacher. Lisa’s decision was affirmed shortly thereafter when her mother, Nancy, sent a copy of a paper Lisa had written in the 4th grade.  In the paper, Lisa expressed her desire to become a teacher when she grew up. Following her lifelong dream and her passion for art, Lisa graduated from Hillsdale with her BA in Art Education and K-12 certification. Lisa often tells this story to her students to encourage them to have dreams and goals and to always pursue their passions.


Lisa grew up in two small towns of Michigan, Beulah and Munising. Her free time was spent outdoors and often on the water, enjoying both days and nights on the beach with her family and friends.  The starlit skies and sounds of the water continue to draw her back to the lakes as often as possible. 


Lisa’s love of art began at a very young age and was encouraged by her parents. She drew every chance she could, including the on the back of placemats when the family would go to Friday night dinner at Benzonia’s Sail Inn.  Lisa’s great-grandmother, a talented landscape artist, visited often and Lisa would sit with her while she painted from her chair in the backyard of their house in Beulah. 


After finishing high school in the Upper Peninsula and obtaining her degree from Hillsdale College, Lisa stayed in Michigan for two years before moving to northern Virginia.  Her time in Virginia included teaching and coaching both middle school and high school art students. 


Lisa has a kind and giving heart. She often spends her summers and breaks volunteering. In the late 90’s, Lisa volunteered with an organization rebuilding fire-ravaged African American churches in Alabama. After Hurricane Katrina, Lisa traveled to New Orleans to assist with cleanup efforts. In 1989, she took a year sabbatical from her job and traveled to Kenya to teach Biology and Art in an all girls boarding school near Lake Victoria. After returning to the U.S., Lisa and a friend founded a non-profit organization to raise money to cover tuition and school supply costs for elementary school students in East Africa.


Shortly after returning from Kenya Lisa adopted her daughter, Thea. They returned to Michigan and Lisa has been “home” ever since.  Lisa has been teaching both middle school and high school students in public schools and has spent the last two summers teaching drawing and painting at Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp.


Lisa’s joy of art shines through not only in the classroom, but also in the community. She has taught in community art programs with the Jewish Community Center as well with neighboring private school programs. In addition, for three years, Lisa and several of the art teachers in her district worked collaboratively with world renowned graffiti artist JR bringing his Inside Out Project to the students, parents and community of Southfield. 


In addition to working full time, Lisa recently completed 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training through her local studio. She practices yoga and meditation and teaches yoga classes weekly.  Incorporating meditation and yoga into her daily life has afforded Lisa the opportunity to express herself more confidently in her artwork. The meditative quality of the painting process lends itself to a peaceful, calming retreat from the daily demands in her life.

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